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Irvin-WilliamsAfter leaving ICT, I got a job designing dental work using a new software program that not many people have the background/skills to do. My employer felt that my CIS background provided the foundation to assume this position and I am happy to say that what I went through in the Career Development class prepared me to sell myself in a big way.

You should have seen me in the interview! I was dazzling, amazing and charming, to say the least. Then after all that was said and done, the thank you letter I wrote to the person interviewing me was so spectacular that within an hour after sending the letter, I received a job offer. I feel that part of the reason that I received the job offer was because of the skills that I acquired from ICT.


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ICT is an institution that recognizes the importance of the student. Providing for the success of each student is at the core of our mission and purpose.

The top-quality education and training programs that we offer are only a part of our role. We believe that having well qualified instructors and staff is essential. We believe that our students are entitled to a clean and safe environment. ICT also believes that helping each student launch his/her career through effective Externship and Graduate Placement initiatives is the test of our success – it is the proof of what kind of job we did in meeting the needs of our students.

In this section of the site you will find consumer information and institutional disclosures as well as some of the critical data concerning our performance. We welcome any and all questions.  If you do not find what you are looking for please contact the campus nearest you.

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